Companies Want The ‘Dreamers’ To Stay


Major companies in not only the technology sector, but other industries as well, are joining forces to bring forth a legislation that would provide a way for the young, illegal immigrants to achieve permeant residency.

The Coalition for the American Dream is made up of top U.S companies such as Alphabet Inc’s Google, Microsoft Corp, Facebook Inc, Intel Corp, Uber Technologies Inc, IBM Corp, and Marriott International Inc to name a few. The CAD plans to ask Congress this year to pass bipartisan legislation allowing these immigrants, referred to as the “Dreamers,” to continue working in the United States.

“We’re pleased to join with other organizations in urging Congress to pass legislation to protect Dreamers,” Intel spokesman Will Moss has stated.

Matthew Wing, a representative for Uber, said, “Uber joined the Coalition for the American Dream because we stand with the Dreamers. We’ve also held town halls, provided legal support and launched an online Dreamer Resource Center for any of our drivers.”

President Donald Trump pledged to reinforce the immigration policies and build a wall along Mexico during his campaign. Trump’s decision to permit the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program to expire this March brought on the drive for this legislation. He has left the fate of DACA up to Congress. DACA, established by Obama in 2012, permits 900,000 illegal immigrants to acquire work permits.

Around 800 companies signed a letter to Congress after Trump’s decision in September, requesting legislation to protect the Dreamers. Mark Zuckerberg fronted the efforts by co-founding a pro-immigration reform group back in 2013 named


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“Dreamers are part of our society, defend our country, and support our economy,” found in one coalition documents. A signup form for the group reported that roughly 72 percent of the top 25 Fortune 500 companies employ DACA beneficiaries.

We may see action come December, when Congress is required to pass a spending bill keeping the U.S. government open. Democrats have contemplated insisting on assistance for the Dreamers since their votes may be needed to avoid a government shutdown.

“No politician wants to go home for the holidays and read stories about how this is going to be DACA recipients’ last holidays in the U.S.,” said Todd Schulte, president of . Declining to comment on the coalition he said, “You will see this continue to escalate until the end of the year”.

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