Fidelity Moving Towards Virtual Reality Customer Service Training


Fidelity Investments has begun testing virtual reality technology to train their customer service representatives across the United States in their call centers.

The company’s creative sector, named Fidelity Labs, stated in a blog post that it has created and experimented with a virtual reality prototype for training their employees on how to handle an variety of incoming customer service calls. Adam Schouela, vice president at Fidelity Labs, had stated during in an interview that by utilizing virtual reality for training purposes, the company’s primary goal is to make it easier for employees to identify with the customers.

Fidelity is not the first company to use this type of training method with their employees. Other sectors have applied virtual reality for training programs for decades now, but Fidelity stated that it is the first company in financial services sector to make use of the technology for that purpose.

The Fidelity virtual reality prototype, which was created on the Google VR headset, replicates a scenario in which the customer representative is sitting at a desk in the company’s call center in the state of New Hampshire. The representative is then prompted to process an incoming call from an upset cutstomer who requests to withdraw the money from her account.

During this training call the customer is shown to the trainee in her kitchen with bills everywhere. The technology’s capability to submerge the trainee into a realistic scenario, makes it appropriate for “empathy training”, said Schouela. The results of the training tests still need to be evaluated to determine whether to proceed with the new virtual reality training, Schouela said.

The large, well-known technology companies such as Alphabet Inc’s Google and Facebook are investing in virtual reality. This is making the virtual reality technology more available to the consumers and developers alike.


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