Stock Market Update: Greener Portfolios Ahead?

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Investors Look To Green Technology For Greener Portfolios

The green industry focuses on generating a profit while having a positive impact on the environment. Trends in government policy, consumption, costs and technology have all directed towards an even greater opportunity for investors & businesses for MANY years to come. And THIS COMPANY is ready to take full advantage of this trend..Read The Full Report, Now

Google Launches New Phones

On Wednesday, Alphabet Inc’s Googlelaunched a second generation of their Pixel smartphone together with new voice-enabled home speakers. The launch shows Google’s dedication to the hardware industry as it is competing with an abundance of devices from both Apple Inc and Inc…Read More Now.

Nestlé Two Steps Ahead Of Loeb

Nestlé, the $265 billion Kit Kat maker’s 14 directors of the board lack both consumer and digital expertise. Half the directors come from Switzerland which is also the company’s headquarters and account for only 2 percent of the company’s sales. With Nestlé’s newest renovation plans seeming conservative the Third Point founder has ability to request changes to the board. By doing this Nestlé could start the battle by putting a stop to Dan Loeb’s next move…Read Full Article For More


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