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The market is increasing at a red hot pace and has been one of the strongest bull markets this generation has seen! But many of the Wall Street hot shots have been able to target one segment that has helped produce serious wealth. It’s not a big secret, really: Right Place, Right Time and recently, the right time has been now but as far as the right place? Investors are finding massive opportunity in social media companies.

Facebook social media stocks

What Facebook’s IPO spawned has been a huge boost to social media IPO’s, mergers and HUGE acquisitions! The honest truth is that early investors took a BIG RISK on Facebook’s IPO, saw the fateful drop in share price due to fundamentals & high cash burn but now, anyone who bought into Facebook early on is now looking at a profit opportunity of epic proportions.

PEEKS Social (PKSLF) Has Early Investors Getting That “Facebook Feeling” Right Now! 

facebook thumbs up

But we’re sure you’ve also seen the recent Snap Inc. IPO as well. The company opened trading in April of 2017 and has been riddled with skepticism based on the dramatic fall in share price after the IPO.

The biggest issue that investors saw (similar to Facebook) was the amount of money that was being burned for R&D and going public in general. But yet again, investors are seeing a huge opportunity based on the new move for video sharing that is building upon the social experience.


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Snap’s main issue has been monetization. Facebook quickly figured out how to monetize its user base through advertising. These steps have been closely studied by several companies in the wings and now Investors are beginning to realize that there is one company that has taken social media, video sharing, and advertising then packaging it all together in one, live video sharing application!

Peeks Social (PKSLF) is flying under the radar of larger firms on Wall Street right now but savvy investors that saw the huge moves from companies like Facebook and Twitter from their early days in the market are beginning to pay attention to Peeks (PKSLF)!

Peeks has taken into account the issues faced by the trail blazers of social media and made it work in their favor. (PKSLF) built a platform, created a monetization strategy, brought on numerous social influencers and is continuing to build their user base.

Peeks Stock To Buy

Peeks Social is the world’s first purpose-built video streaming monetization platform. It allows both users and advertisers to monetize a global audience in ways previously thought to be impossible. Peeks Social (PKSLF)’s patented and proprietary technologies allow it to monetize social media users at levels significantly higher than all of its peers.

Social Media Growth Is What’s Keeping Investors Searching For “The Next Facebook”

In 2005, only 7% of all adults in the US and 10% of internet users in the US were using social media. More than 10 years later, over 69% of adults in the US and 76% of internet users in the US are using social media.

Adoption of social media networks is high and has been bolstered by increasingly user-friendly digital platforms, original content, and a new class of celebrities known as Social Media Influencers.

buy social media stocksThese numbers do not include the most rampant social media users: teens and adolescents. As Millennials and Generation Z age, the percentage of adults and individuals on the internet using social media will increase even more!

And the age of mobile is starting to push even more engagement with exposure to social media literally everywhere! Mobile social media use is increasing 30% every year, and that change is pushing social media forward.

The numbers suggest that the number of users accessing social media will soon surpass 2.5 billion users, with 91% of social media users accessing platforms from mobile.

This trend is clear within the platforms, too. Facebook has reported that mobile makes up at least 84% of its ad revenue, which accounts for more than 90% of its total revenue.

For new social media companies, video engagement will become a keystone to user interaction & monetization. YouTube hit a major milestone in 2016, with over 1 billion hours of video were watched each day on the platform.

Content creation continues to grow; from 100 hours of video content uploaded per minute in 2013 to upwards of 400 hours of video uploaded per minute in 2017. The heavy demand for online video is fueling the platform and making it an unparalleled opportunity for aspiring content creators.

PEEKS Social (PKSLF) Is Taking Full Advantage Of The Next Paradigm Shift In Social Media

Video, multiple advertising streams, user engagement, social media influencers, and a sound pipeline of future options are just a few of the key points investors should take notice of with Peeks Social (PKSLF).

peeks advantage

Where companies like Facebook, Twitter, or Snap, Inc. developed a user base and then figured out how to profit from it, Peeks Social (PKSLF) has reverse engineered this methodology by scaling its platform, which has already been built to make the company money.

For investors, that could mean a much more near term opportunity to see a company like Peeks Social (PKSLF) thrive sooner than its predecessors.

The fact that this application is offering a more dynamic user ecosystem has helped solidify its acclaim. The company’s app has caught the attention of The Huffington Post, People Magazine, Cheddar Financial News Network, CBC, and even The Globe And Mail!

As a top ranking application and billions of interactions taking place, it’s no wonder why Peeks Social (PKSLF) is quickly generating a buzz in the investment community.


But where companies like Facebook, Snap, or Twitter are all trading at levels of $16, $20, or even $170 a share, Peeks Social (PKSLF) is still flying far under the radar (for now).

Even in its infancy, Peeks Social (PKSLF) has been able to build its ecosystem and design it for both user interaction as well as immediate monetization. This has been made obvious in the growth that the company has been seeing and something that investors are beginning to take notice of. Following its recent reported earnings, Peeks Social (PKSLF) has now seen 3 straight quarters of growth and the Company expects continued growth quarter over quarter for the foreseeable future.

Peeks Social app has risen in the United States to the 15th top grossing social app on the Google Play Store. The app is also generating tens of millions of screen views per month! In just the month of August alone, the Peeks app reached 30 million screen views. And with Peeks Ad Share Network, the Peeks Get Popular Service, and a new updated version of the OfferBox set to launch, the opportunity to see further growth could be imminent!

PEEKS Management: A Cornerstone For Future Growth

Chairman of the Board, CEO; Mark Itwaru

Mark is a serial entrepreneur who is a leading innovator in new technologies. He’s created solutions for mobile commerce, mobile marketing, social media, social marketing, ecommerce and payment processing. Mark is the innovator of 900 Pay, real-time checking, online debit and many other disruptive payment technologies. He holds several technology patents in mobile commerce and payment processing.

His previous endeavor, Navaho Networks Inc. pioneered an e-wallet solution for payment processing that processed billions of dollars in transactions. He’s founded firms that have featured interactive Ad Network platforms and mobile, e-wallet payment technologies. Prior to this Mr. Itwaru was an Internet engineer on the design team at AT&T Canada for CIBC INTRIA, RBC/TD Branch Network, Scotiabank Caribbean Network, Transport Canada and for the CP Rail Train Switch Network.

Chief Financial Officer; Alex MacDonald

Alex joined Peeks Social Ltd. in January 2014 as the Controller of what was then Peek Social Inc. In November 2014 he was promoted to CFO of Peek Social Inc., providing leadership as the most senior officer in the Toronto office of approximately 50 staff. Following the transition of the Company to Peeks Social Ltd.,

Alex remained as CFO, and is a core member of the senior management team. Prior to Peek Social, he was a Senior Auditor at a Canadian public accounting firm, providing auditing and consulting services to publicly traded companies. He is a Chartered Accountant and a Primary Reservist, Infantry Section Commander in the Canadian Armed Forces. Alex has previously served on the Company’s Board of Directors.

Vice President, Business Development; John Kanakis

John Kanakis has more than 16 years of business development experience and a proven track record to assist companies in turn-around strategies. His entrepreneurial exposure started when he founded his first telecommunications firm, a cyber security firm that deployed hardware-based cyber security equipment to the Canadian government, corporations and divisions of the USA military, as well as a biomedical laser company.

His entrepreneurial experiences have helped him in defining core strategies for disruptive companies and his key emphasis is to always be thinking outside of the box and to never use a cookie cutter approach. John currently oversees internal and external growth strategies and is an active seed stage investor in multiple disruptive companies.

Corporate Advisor, Advertising Executive Rick Padulo

Mr. Padulo is the founder of Padulo Integrated Inc. His clients represent several billion dollars in advertising spend in both traditional and non-traditional media. He is an expert Marketer and a published author. Rick’s published books include I Can Get It For You Retail: Down and Dirty Tales from a Canadian Ad Man. His company was voted one of the 50 Best Managed Private Companies in Canada.

Rick has been selected as Entrepreneur of the Year, Marketer of the Year and was recently inducted into the Marketing Hall of Legends by the American Marketing Association. Rick will advise management and the board on the structuring and organization of the Company’s advertising sales division and grant guidance on the Company’s advertising sales strategies and marketing efforts.

What Will You Do?

Early investors who took action with social media companies like Facebook could have reaped life-changing rewards from well-timed moves in social media stocks.

Opportunities to see a company within the space that is taking full advantage of a changing landscape, during its early stages don’t come along often. However, as you can see, when they do, there could be massive potential for a breakout.

It’s not just about sharing an update or “tagging a friend”. The “new social media” has now evolved in a major way and it will be companies who stay far ahead of the curve who will be able to write the next chapter within the market.

The bottom line is that social media stocks have been known to deliver some of the most aggressive and highest percentage gains.

With sound leadership, an active pipeline, a novel expansionary blue print, and its latest growth strategy,  (PKSLF) could be one of the hottest public social media companies the Street has yet to see for themselves.

Early investors could be set to take advantage of one of the biggest cash grabs the industry could be presenting in 2017!

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