Amazon Fires Hundreds Of Employees

amazon job cuts Inc had made their new voice assistant, Alexa, the focus of the company. It was reported last Monday that hundreds of jobs within consumer business in Seattle were cut. The company has shifted their goals, but this had unfortunately left many people jobless.

People found it odd that such a well-known and successful company decided to cut jobs. It was reported that the job cuts are somewhere around the low hundreds. The world’s largest online retailer decided that as their company grows there are several areas within the business that no longer need such a high volume of employees. The company believes they will still be able to achieve great results without the fired employees as the business matures throughout 2018.

There was never any confirmation as to what sectors of Amazon people were let go from. The consumer organization has its marketplace business, retail, and several other programs like their food delivery service known as Amazon Restaurants.

In 2017, Amazon was on a hiring rampage as the online business continued to expand. As a result, the company hired 130,000 people and also announced that they would be opening up another headquarters located in North America. The company was anticipating to hire about another 50,000 people at the new location.

The corporate jobs are going to areas where the profits are climbing dramatically. This includes cloud-computing division Amazon Web Services. Amazon is also shifting their focus to areas where they see great potential like voice-controlled computing.

Amazon’s founder and chief executive, Jeff Bezos, made a statement in saying, “Our 2017 projections for Alexa were very optimistic, and we far exceeded them. We don’t see positive surprises of this magnitude very often — expect us to double down.”


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The goal is to make their new product, Alexa, a part of consumers’ everyday lives.

Currently the company has 3,900 open job positions in Seattle, but Amazon is allowing staff that is facing job cuts to apply for these positions.


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