Cerner Corporation (NASDAQ:CERN) To Collaborate With Surescripts For Integrating Real-Time Prescription Benefit Functionality


Cerner Corporation (NASDAQ:CERN) has announced that it will collaborate with Surescripts for integrating Real-Time Prescription Benefit functionality into its Cerner Millennium electronic health record (HER). Cerner leads the worldwide healthcare technology. According to reports, Surescripts Real-Time Prescription Benefit directly integrates into the workflow of the physicians and provides patient-specific prescription at the point of care.

According to the Chief Product Officer of Surescripts, Mike Prittis, they are excited to join forces with Cerner and provide physicians with actionable intelligence about prescription pricing and therapeutic alternatives. Prittis said that the ability for physicians to access patient-specific prescription pricing information directly as a part of their workflow encourages a better and meaningful rapport as well as a medical decision between the provider and the patient. According to Prittis, it is a huge step taken towards improving medical adherence.

Prescription benefit information can be of great help especially when received at the point of care as it facilitates engagement between individuals and their physicians for finding the prescription that fits into their budget as well as need. Cerner Millennium provides prescription price transparency by extracting information from pharmacy benefit managers represented by around two-thirds of U.S. patients.

The arrangement can be of great help to those individuals whose medical insurance plans are connected as the functionality can provide them the out-of-pocket cost for the selected prescription as well as to identify therapeutic alternatives and patient specific coverage alerts. These include quantity restrictions, deductibles, prior authorization flags, and step therapy requirements.

Cerner Millennium To Start Functioning In March 2018

Cerner Millennum will start functioning in March 2018. President of Cerner, Zane Burke has said that Cerner and Surescripts are transforming the prescription price transparency at the point of care in order to improve the consumer and provider experiences. In his official statement, Burke said that each person needs to be at the center of their own health and care.


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According to him with this new functionality in the HER, people will not only have added visibility to their choices of prescriptions but individuals will now have the freedom to work as a team with their physicians and create a medical plan to which they can adhere to as well as afford.


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