Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR) Announces Changes To The Twitter API And TweetDeck


Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR) published a blog on its official website wherein it stated that keeping Twitter free from spam remains a top priority for company. They have noted that people use several accounts and the Twitter developer platform so as to inflate or support the prominence of certain Tweets, which remains as a one of the most prevalent form of spam violation. The company doesn’t encourage any such act that support automation for the purposes of disseminating or posting spam.

The changes

In an attempt to limit the ability of Twitter users to carry out coordinates actions across numerous accounts, the company has reported changes to the Twitter API and TweetDeck. These changes ensure that the company stay ahead of malicious activity aiming the important conversations taking place on its platform. Twitter announced what these changes are, and also released guidance for developers as to how to abide by these rules.

As a part of the new guidelines, the company reported that users should not simultaneously post identical or noticeably similar content to several accounts. They should not simultaneously perform actions like Retweets, Likes or follows from numerous accounts. The company bans support application of any kind of automation to post substantially similar or identical content, or to perform actions like Retweets or Likes, across several accounts that have authorized user’s app.

Twitter also launched changes to TweetDeck’s several accounts feature to highlight this guidance. Users of TweetDeck will be prohibited from selecting multiple accounts using which they perform any action of Tweeting, Retweeting, following or liking.

If a service or an app has any such automation features which helps users to perform simultaneous actions across different accounts, then it needs be changed by March 23, 2018. Such services or app should follow the changed guidelines to comply with the latest policy, else the company will not hesitate to take enforcement action against non-compliant users.


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