Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL) Google Planning To Integrate AI Into Home Gadgets


The stock of Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL) closed at $1,124.66 gaining 0.64% in yesterday’s trading session. In making its latest statement, the company termed Google Clips one of the major steps it was taking in efforts to bring AI into the home gadgets.

Fundamentally, Google Clips happens to be a pocket-sized digital camera which has remarkable capabilities, one of them being the capacity to decipher whether or not a given image is interesting enough to shoot.

The $249 device is made in such a way that it can clip onto furniture or a wide range of other fixed objects after which it moves ahead to capture all the subjects wandering into its viewfinder and it goes without saying that this latest innovation might end up taking the market by storm.

Have you had the chance to come across some security or trail cameras basically triggered by motion or programmed on timers? Then you need to contrast those to the Clips which are more discerning ‘ferrying in’ an amazing experience to users according to market observers.

It is also worth noting that to this point Google has managed to train its electronic brain and at the moment it is such that it is able to recognize cats, dogs, human faces, smiles and rapid sequences of movement.

A person familiar with the most recent developments opined, “The Company sees big potential with parents and pet owners looking to grab candid shots of kids and animals. The Clip shoots seven-second videos, without audio, that can be edited into GIFs or high-definition photos.”


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He went further to reveal that it is possible to use the smartphone in the downloading of images and market observers have praised the company’s dedication to taking advantage of most of the technological advancements sweeping across the globe with the passage of time.

The company foresees a significant potential with pet owners and parents seeking to grab amazing shots of animals and kids. Several Experts working with the company have disclosed that the Clip shoots seven-second videos and those can easily be edited into high-definition photos or GIFs.


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