, Inc. (NASDAQ:AMZN) Acquires GameSpark

amazon job cuts, Inc. (NASDAQ:AMZN), confirms it bought GameSparks to run live game operations so as to offer a wider variety of services to developers.

Amazon has over time made numerous strides to expand the company to become the greatest platform in building and hosting of games. According to Pitchbook, the acquisition documents indicate the firm acquired Gamespark at approximately $10million

The GameSpark services are categorized into various sub-categories to include building; live events, rewards etc.; customizations like cloud code editing; optimizations to include statistics for improvement of the player and experiments.

GameSparks offers a cross platform compatibility and supports all major stores and engines which include Google play, steam, IOS, XBOX, PS4, Unity and Unreal. GameSpark boasts of a network of to include Bandai Namco, Square Enix, Ubisoft, Rovio and other customers who are independent.

Amazon has not been able to provide any information’s about the acquisitions however, from its release of it operating financial reports, it indicates that it has acquired stakes in other gaming sites for which it has also not disclosed.

However, GamesSparks in its posts announced that it had been acquired by Amazon. Having long shared its passion to help gamers develop an exciting gaming experiences with Amazon, GameSpark indicated that it now aims to continue growing its services.


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Just like other gaming sports Amazon has acquired, GamesSparks is not a game developer. However the company offers a posterior development platform for game developers i.e. a soothing platform for development of games.

Games being one of the key revenues earners from applications has been able to pull several technological companies into it just like Amazon who aim to provide its own platforms besides being an enabler platform for games developments.

Amazon has strategically built its gaming development projects through lumberyard program which it acquired about 2 years ago and provides an all in one engine game development through deploying and managing of servers for multiple players.

Amazon’s AWS division has continuously envisioned gaming as key amongst its verticals it intends to build up at AWS and its already providing a range of posterior services for mobile, Pc and online game developers


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