BlackBerry Ltd (NYSE:BB) Blames Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) For Patent Infringement


BlackBerry Ltd (NYSE:BB) has filed a patent infringement lawsuit against Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) and its Whatapp, and Instagram apps for copying technology and product features from its Messenger. The company claims that it has lost its market share in the Smartphone market that it once controlled due to unfair competition from its rivals such as Facebook.

After failing to hold crucial discussions with Facebook for several years, BlackBerry finally made a great step to take action against the social media giant. Though the official filing records are not available to the public, Variety has reported that BlackBery is accusing Facebook of the co-opted mobile messaging tech. If the lawsuit is successfully granted, there is a possibility of closing down Facebook and its allies including the Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and Instagram.

According to the lawsuit that was filed at the Los Angeles Federal Court, the defendants developed mobile messaging applications that incorporated the company’s innovations that use novel security, user interface, and other functionality enhancing features. The litigation over the patent infringement is in line with the CEO John Chen’s strategy to secure the lost shareholder assets and the firm’s intellectual property as Sarah McKinney the spokeswoman stated.

Furthermore, BlackBerry is anticipating making an unspecified amount of money for the damages caused by the alleged infringement of its patents. The lawsuit was filed by the original BlackBerry Limited that was formerly known as the Research in Motion and not the current TCL that is now licensing the company.

According to Paul Grewal Deputy General Counsel at Facebook, the company is also planning to fight back by filing a lawsuit. Facebook accused its counterpart of trying to convince other firms to unfairly pay its licensing royalties to use its global tech patents that include the operating systems, networking infrastructure, messaging, automotive subsystems, wireless communications, acoustics, and cybersecurity patents, stated Grewal. Blackberry is also accused of relaxing its innovative efforts and search to rip where it has not labored.


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