Sony Corp (ADR) (NYSE:SNE) Teams Up With Others To Build Unified Platform For Smart Cameras


Sony Corp (ADR) (NYSE:SNE) has joined a Network of Intelligent Camera Ecosystem (NICE) that comprise of various camera manufacturers Nikon, iPhone, Foxconn, Wistron, and imaging startup Scenera. The alliance will specifically work together to bring to the market the next generation of smart cameras by establishing a standard specification that will guide the manufacturing processes of smart cameras and applications. The initiative is expected to kick off before the end of the year and the NICE products are anticipated to be available in the market stores by 2019.

Nice plans to define a specification and well-structured layers that the hardware makers would use to produce their cameras in order to improve the performance of the devices, which would be split into several scenes, indexed, searchable and easily scannable using the thumbnails and can store data in the cloud.

As the alliance strives to bring together great ideas on how to produce smart cameras that can operate seamlessly with each other, companies that supply essential components such as sensors and processors, hardware and software brands have been incorporated. In addition, Nest and Amazon are expected to be on board.

NICE focuses on forwarding compatibility for both the software and hardware suppliers for a great future smart camera market. The alliance will allow the camera manufacturers, third-party app developers, and cloud service providers to fully integrate both vertically and horizontally

According to David Lee CEO at Scenera, a single platform will allow the team to share the latest AI infrastructure to develop service such as improved object recognition without reliance on one manufacturer for AI solutions.

NICE currently has operations in US and Japan and it plans to expand to include all companies and other interested groups in the ecosystem who are eager to participate in establishing guidelines for specifications. The alliance intends to develop the essential Specifications and other details on how to become a member.


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