Challenges Faced By Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR)


Twitter has been facing a lot of challenges and it has also been tied to several controversies. The talk about it being sold out to different companies has kept people on the edge from time to time, but no tangible progress has been witnessed yet. Twitter is the sort of company which when you think it is about to close down or vanish ends up shocking people when it thrives once again.

Just like Facebook and the rest of the social media giants, it was also caught up in the scandal involving the manipulation of the previous elections in the U.S. Through its spokesperson it has refuted the claims while promising to conduct investigations.

Any social media giant will from one point or another face issues since not everyone wants to use the platform accordingly. After much uproar, Twitter resolved to change as well as add some new regulations to govern and maintain sanity on its diverse platform. Issues have been popping up from one point to the other, but the long and the short of it according to a person familiar with the matter is that it has been making progress regardless of how small that might be.

The company understands all the intricacies that pull along with the presence of the Robot messages on its platform, and it isn’t facing the matter with its hands folded. It is channeling much of its efforts and resources towards turning the tables so that it won’t be branded as the company that was responsible for the most adverse volatility in the financial markets.

The company is going through difficult times especially when it gets to making a clear distinction between what people tweet and what is tweeted by the robots. A lot of people are unable to tweet because Twitter has been mistaking them for the robots and that is quite unfortunate according to the market observers.

Much is going on in the area of research with experts trying to look out for the idea ways in which they could succeed in their quest to identify the social bots on Twitter. There is so much confusion at the moment as the company calls upon its wide user base to be patient as it tries resolving the matter. It hopes to resolve the confusion that has been there so that people could go on enjoying services.


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