Facebook, Inc (NASDAQ:FB) Admits It Shares Data With Messenger, WhatsApp And Instagram, German Regulators


After coming across a series of challenges which threatened to destroy its reputation, Facebook, Inc (NASDAQ:FB) is now determined much more than ever to do all within its means to regain its lost glory. The most outstanding is the move by the social media guru took to update its terms of service as well as its data policy.

If all goes according to plan, it will be moving ahead to clarify all the forms of data it usually collects and shares across its wide range of products including Messenger, Oculus and WhatsApp and above all Instagram.

The revision of policies by the social media giant is pulling along around the same time that it is under close scrutiny regarding the way in which it has been sharing personal information with third parties. This brings to mind of anyone following on the company’s progress the controversial Cambridge Analytica data leak.

It is a big deal for the company as it progresses with its dedication to serve users with top line services at a time when business dynamics are shifting quite fast. An official working with the company but who wanted his identity kept anonymous for reasons best known to him outlined that the he was quite optimistic that company would be cutting through the intricacies to clear its name.

The reality of the matter is the fact Facebook has never openly denied the fact that it owns Messenger, Oculus and WhatsApp and Instagram. However, the major cause for concern among most people is the fact that in outlining its previous terms of service it left out details regarding its ownership of the above mentioned companies.

Quite a significant number of people know that Facebook owns other platforms. But in the same vein it is crucial to mention that there are several European countries which have spoken in relation to the matter outlining that from where they stood the company did not clearly describe how it shared data across platforms.


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The EU and German regulators have committed their time to conducting investigations in a bid to find out how the company receives information from third parties.


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