Groupon Inc (NASDAQ:GRPN) Issues An Apology For An Inadvertent Racial Slur on Its Site


Groupon Inc (NASDAQ:GRPN) has apologized for an inadvertent racial slur on its website. The sellers have listed the products with racial words “Ni**er” brown in the description of the products intended for women. The word “n***r” is used by two of the third party sellers as part of the products description.

It came to light when customers discovered the racial slur in the product descriptions on the site of Groupon. The company has identified the wrong descriptions posted by two sellers – Margines and Kojwa immediately and also banned the sellers.

According to the spokesperson of Groupon, the company is extremely worried about such a posting on its site by two of the sellers. The sellers have used the self service option to post the description of the products. It violates the policy of the company and unacceptable.

The company vowed to keep the controls in place to prevent such racial slur on its site. The company assured the customers that such wrongful instances will not repeat on its site. Some of the customers said the damage is already done and will not use the services of Groupon again.

Some of the customers of Groupon are avoiding the online market due to the recent listings of winter boots with a racial language in describing the color.

Many of the customers, who are hurt, have posted the image of the shoes with the racial slur on social media on Wednesday Morning.


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Some of the examples of listings on Groupon site are given below:

  • “Women’s Fringed Suede Moccasin Boots”
  • “Women’s and Men’s Suede Leather Fur Boots”

The shoes offered by Chinese enterprises Margines and Kojwa, the third party sellers, are available at a discount of 46%. But, customers are staying away because the language is offensive and poor taste.

A brief Information about Groupon Inc

Groupon offers daily deals for the customers about products or services in their location. It publishes electronic coupons on the website. When someone buys a product or service using the coupon, Groupons earns a commission. It is beneficial for the customers as well as for the merchants.


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