Amazon Go of, Inc. (NASDAQ:AMZN) Will Soon Be Available in Chicago and San Francisco

amazon job cuts, Inc. (NASDAQ:AMZN) will soon launch Amazon Go in San Francisco and Chicago in a bid to eliminate the frustration faced by the customers. Amazon Go eliminates the need for clicking on Checkout when buying the products.

The e-commerce giant has conducted a trial run of Amazon Go involving the staff in Seattle. The company has utilized the proprietary technology to develop Amazon Go. The customers just need to swap an app on their smart-phone and select the items and walk out. The customers need not swap their bar codes or talk to a cashier at an Amazon store. Amazon uses the new app to automatically bill for the products purchased and charge the Amazon account of the respective customers.

The company is making efforts to expand the delightful experience of customers to San Francisco and Chicago. It is now evident as the e-commerce giant is hiring managers for the stores in Chicago and San Francisco.

Prerequisites to shop at Seattle Store

To shop at an Amazon shop based in Seattle, the customers need to download Amazon Go App and the link that to payment link. Then the customers need to just open the app and scan at a turnsite and enter the store.

The store has cameras installed in the ceiling, as well as sensors installed on the shelves along with powerful computers track the items picked up by the customers. It easily identifies what goes into the bag and what goes into the pockets.


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As the customers move in the store and pick up an item, it is automatically added to the digital app. If the customer returns the item back to the shelf, the app automatically removes from the cart. In the nutshell, the app bills only for the items picked up by the customer.

Some of the products offered in the Seattle store are salads, ready made sand switches, desserts, drinks, and snacks. The store also features ready to eat meals, small grocery/ sundry section, wine, beer, beer and meal kits.


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