T-Mobile Inc (NASDAQ:TMUS) and Sprint Corp (NYSE:S) Vow To Get It Right This Time Around


T-Mobile Us Inc (NASDAQ:TMUS) and Sprint Corp (NYSE:S) are making plans to strike a merger anytime soon in what a person well conversant with the matter termed a $26 billion deal. These reports have not been embraced quite well by most of the longtime Sprint customers who say it reminds them of spotty services and dead phones. However, one of the officials working with Sprint has assured them that such pitfalls are now in the past.

The Nextel havoc

A large number of the customers recall the extent of havoc that resulted from the company’s move to merge with Nextel Communications Inc. It took several years to stabilize matters and chat the way forward. The complication resulted in about 10 million customers of the merger leaving to go seek out services that they thought were real value for their money.

Murphy’s perspective and Sprint’s stand

An advocate for people with disabilities in Alamogordo, N.M., Michael Murphy disclosed that he had left Sprint for Nextel 15 years back in the hope that he would get better service somewhere else. He talked about his decision to drop a carrier a second time after becoming a Sprint customer, in a push made by Nextel merger. He eventually signed up for T-Mobile while filled with high expectations.

Mr. Murphy is currently 66 years old and he expressed that he was satisfied with T-Mobile though he reserves fears that Sprint might end up infecting the company.


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A spokeswoman working with Sprint stated that he understood the fears of quite a significant number of people, but gave them hope by saying that the networks involved in the Nextel deal were a major contrast to those in existence today.

Nextel’s push-to-talk phones according to here weren’t meant for communication with the network of Sprint which has its basis on CDMA or the “code-division multiple access” wireless technology. There is great need for Sprint to push more customers to the latest devices.

One analyst has given his views in relation to the matters, terming the merger a morality tale without an ending. The two wireless carriers are hoping that this time around they will get it right. The two are hoping that the deal will help them sharpen their competitive edge.


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