Advanced Micro Devices, Inc (NASDAQ:AMD) Pronounces New EPYC And Threadripper Chips


It was earlier this year that Advanced Micro Devices, Inc (NASDAQ:AMD) unveiled the second generation of its Ryzen PC CPUs. The year hasn’t come to a close and yet again it is embarking on the launch of more new products at Computex.

Recent developments

One of the officials working with the company revealed that they were targeting winning market share from Intel Corporation (NASDAQ:INTC) in both the server CPU and PC markets. And the latest iterations of its EPYC and Threadripper chips are a representation of the next stage in that plan.

It was in the previous year that AMD unveiled the first generation of its ultra-high-end Threadripper desktop processors with reports showing that they provided more cores for less money as compared to the products from Intel. The latest announcement shows that the company has doubled down on its many-core strategy.

It will be in the third quarter that the new Threadripper chips will be unveiled and that will increase the max core count to 32. AMD hasn’t so far announced its pricing, but most probably it will be aggressive.

New Threadripper chips and matters surrounding them


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Prior to Threadripper, the business giant was missing in action in the ultra-high-end market and that was over quite a long period of time. If all moves according to plan, it will be able to win some converts in the lucrative segment of the market.

It was at Computex that Intel launched its own many-core monster which is a 28-core chip expected to ship towards the end of this year.

One of the executives working with the company believes that pricing this chip inappropriately (too low) could end up cannibalizing Intel’s high-margin server chip sales. But it is also worth mentioning that AMD isn’t one of those companies having massively profitable data center businesses that it should worry about providing protection. It thus goes without saying that the second-generation Threadripper chips might turn out to be more affordable than Intel’s offering.

The data center business is the central focus of Intel and that implies that AMD shouldn’t expect to have it easy on its quest to pick up more market share.


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