AT&T Inc. (NYSE:T) Managers Promote Unethical Sales of DirecTV Now


Managers of AT&T Inc. (NYSE:T) are accused of promoting sales of DirecTV Now through unethical practices.

According to an investigation of A Hawaii News Now, the senior managers at AT&T are pressuring the sales team to increase the subscriber count through tricking the customers. When selling the cell phones, the sales staff tells the buyers that cell phones carried a fee and that can be waived off completely by signing up for the trial of DirecTV Now.

Circumventing the Promotional Offers

They are also using the promotional trials to increase the subscriber numbers for DirecTV Now. The monthly fee for DirecTV Now is set at $35. But the customers are allowed to use that amount for $10 promo periods and use it thrice.

It also came to notice that Managers cancels the trial periods on behalf of the customers instead of turning them into paid customers. The staff may also forget to cancel the trials and resulting in overcharging without knowledge to the customers.

As per the information provided by HNN, the workers were forced to increase the sales else risking disciplinary action. According to the information gathered from ex-staff, the main aim was to increase the performance of the store.


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The regional sales have increased considerably through TV sign-ups. Therefore, the stores are offered higher incentives for better performance. It is noted that sales have increased almost three times through unethical practices.

AT&T Initiates Action to Prevent Unethical Practices

The sales team have informed the customers to sign-up for the trial and it will be canceled before that gets turned into a paid connection. In some cases, the sales staff failed to end the trial and it has caused the customers to pay the monthly fee of $35.

According to a release, AT&T has detected booking trial orders and canceling them. It has initiated actions against Managers and sales staff responsible for those acts. The company said it has reversed some of the overcharged fee. The company has taken action against at least 6 persons for boosting the sales through unscrupulous means. The regular workers might have faced the consequences of the mistakes committed by the superiors.


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