Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) Is Enhances Its Windows 10 For Better Engagement With Its Users


Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) seems to embrace new strategies of survival at the wake of every dawn. Among the newest is the introductory of a SwiftKey keyboard to Windows 10. Though this will happen later in the year, the keyboard features auto corrections and predictions. The SwiftKey, which acquired in 2016, has already had its first major update on its iOS and Android versions.

The tremendous changes will also incorporate a new Windows 10 Game Bar, which allows anyone to see other features such as the CPU usage or system RAM usage. There will be a new settings slider, which will help in adjusting text sizes on Windows, desktop apps, and Universal Windows Apps. According to the tech giant, the new moves aimed at making Windows 10 interactive and more user-friendly.

Microsoft’s Xbox app for Windows 10

Despite all the proclaimed changes on the Swiftkey, Microsoft is not one yet. The company has heightened its focus on PC games, the aim is bridging the gap between console and PC. An insight from Microsoft’s gaming chief, Phil Spencer indicates that the bigger plans include having the Xbox app on Windows 10 and PC gaming.

In other words, the company says that it is reworking and rethinking about the PC audience. It will be putting more effort into the creation of a more reflective PC community. It is not clear when the changes will be noticeable. However, Spencer emphasizes that despite all the criticism surrounding the Xbox app, they are working on a long-term goal, which will create a different feel for all PC gamer. Perhaps better than what they are experiencing.

The use of AI for smoother updates on Windows 10


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Innovation and creativity are of essence especially with the revolution of technology. That said Microsoft is quickly turning around AI from being common and boring to something with higher satisfaction. The company has trained its AI model on how to recognize types of devices, which have good update experiences; thanks to its AI-powered system. The system decides which device should get updates first. Clearly, the company is headed for bigger and better things.


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