Privacy Activists Launch New Platform To Counter Facebook, Inc. (NASDAQ:FB)


In the recent years, online and social media users have become more sensitive to the manner in which their data is handled. This comes in the midst of big scandals that have rocked major tech and social media companies.

Countering Facebook influence

To counter the influence of Facebook, Inc. (NASDAQ:FB), privacy activists have launched a new platform that will be free from advertising and tracking. The new initiative mainly target social media users that are unhappy with what unfolded in the Cambridge Analytica scandal.

The group has launched the Openbook, a crowdfunded campaign which is expected to change the whole social media experience. The group has accused the leading social media platforms for being interested more in making money than addressing users’ safety and security.

The activists have indicated that their main mission is to connect people as well as offer a small entertainment in the form of funny cat videos.

Contributing to charity


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The new platform has announced that it will be giving 30% of its annual revenue to charity. The site is supported by experts among them Philip Zimmermann, who developed PGP, which is the world’s leading email encryption software. The project is also supported by Jaya Baloo, the Chief Information security officer for KPN Telecom, a Dutch telecom company.

The new platform was launched by Joel Hernandez, who is a cyber security engineer. Hernandez says that his main motivation was to come up with a strong competitor with Facebook. He said that he created a platform that can stand the test of time as well as overcome the competition. He says that this will be a better alternative especially in the wake of the Cambridge Analytica saga.

Facebook managed to stand the waves that came with the scandal and currently has 2.2 billion users. The company also continues to record thousands of new subscriptions every month. Generally, Facebook has come out of the scandal much stronger as numbers keep raising and its stock has been relatively stable.

Openbook has an audit team which monitors its developers and is hopping to leverage the new data portability rules that were recently launched under the General Data Protection Regulation.


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