Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR) Suspends 71 Million Fake Accounts in 2 Months


Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR) is acting faster against the suspicious and fake accounts. The company has suspended over one million accounts in a day as part of its efforts to prevent disinformation flow on its platform.

Under Congressional Pressure, Twitter Reveals How Russia Meddled Into the US Presidential Election

According to the information revealed to Washington Post, the number of accounts suspended since October is almost doubled. The company under the pressure from Congress has explained how Russia has created fake accounts to influence the US election results in October.

In June and May 2018 alone, the company has suspended over seventy million accounts. It is an indication of how Twitter is acting swiftly to eliminate the menace of fake news. However, removal of user accounts at such a fast pace causes a sharp decline in monthly user base in Q2. The company verified the phone numbers of the accounts. It has retained the accounts with a valid phone number.

Twitter is going after the trolls and bots risking the user base. It is part of the disclosure of Russia meddling into the US election in 2016. The company has not revealed the extent of suspended accounts till now and it is one of the latest moves to prevent abuse of its platform.

Vice President (Trust and Safety) of Twitter, Del Harvey has revealed in an interview that, it is dedicating the resources to develop capabilities to prevent the malicious behavior of people.


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According to the recent estimates, Twitter believes that less than five percent of the active user base is involved in a spam or spreading fake news. It also believes that less than 8.5% of the users utilize the automation tools for the account to act as bots.

If a real person engages a bot for spam or spreads the fake news with a malicious intention, then that account is considered a fake account. However, only a few bots are fake since some accounts use them for weather reports.

Even after the suspension of fake accounts on a large scale, Twitter still commands an active user base of 336 million in Q1. Fake accounts do not respond regularly.

Only legitimate users hit the ads and hence its ad revenue is still intact.


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