Our Team

Erica Smith – Editor

With majors in industrial finance, Erica took to journalism because of her interest in writing. Having keen interest in medical industry as well, Erica has a unique perspective on the health industries. Email: erica@heraldfinance.com

James Anderson – Contributor

James has helped a number of startups – especially cryptocurrency companies – for their media portfolios eventually taking up journalism since the last few months. James covers digital / cryptocurrency news and analysis for HeraldFinance.com Email: james@heraldfinance.com

Amber Thompson – Contributor

Amber’s professional life has been mostly in hospitality, while studying international business in college. She covers business and economy news for us. Email: amber@heraldfinance.com

Lisa Matthew – Contributor

Lisa has a science background with keen interest in research. Conducting research in a laboratory can often feel isolated so Lisa prefers writing about science and technology instead. Now she contributes stories in these fields as a means to give that world new life. Email: lisa@heraldfinance.com