What To Know For The Open- January 31, 2018

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Life Saving Tech Grabs Investors’ Attention

This company is on the fast track to FDA approval and is steps away from pilot clinical studies. No wonder why investors are scrambling for more infor, NOW!…Read The Full Report, HERE

Trump’s State of the Union Speech

President Donald Trump is anticipated to take credit for the past year’s U.S. economic gains on Tuesday night in an address to Congress. Trump is facing an investigation of his campaign’s alleged connections with Russia.

The deadline is approaching for the immigration controversy and strong Democratic opposition, Trump will also call for a bipartisan compromise. Trump is scheduled to visit Capitol Hill and deliver his first State of the Union speech beginning at 9:10 p.m…Read More Now


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World Stocks Take A Break

On Tuesday, world stocks were in their biggest two-day dive in six months with commodities following suit, as rising U.S. borrowing costs moved markets away from their elated start of the year. The move was higher than 2.7 percent by U.S. Treasury yields, which is the benchmark for lending rates across the globe.

Oil dropped back below $70, metals fell, and Asian stocks endured their largest decline since early December following Wall Street’s largest loss in five months over concerns regarding Apple’s latest smartphone…Read More Now


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