Uproar After Amazon.com, Inc (NASDAQ:AMZN) Customers Receive ‘Mystery” Packages’


The stock of Amazon.com, Inc (NASDAQ:AMZN) closed at $1,485.34 gaining 0.16% in yesterday’s trading session. Quite a significant number of readers were perplexed after learning about the fact that Amazon customers had over quite some time been receiving “mystery” packages.

A lot of speculation continues to surround the matter and a lot of readers have made reports that they obtained several items from the retailer yet they had made no such orders. In fact, there were some that wrote they received sexually suggestive merchandise and the matter has grabbed the attention of Amazon.

It is absurd to for most of the market observers to learn from the various frustrated persons that despite their constant pleas Amazon did not take ant step to give its response relation to the unwanted packages.

One thing that is coming to the limelight is the fact that @AmazonHelp, which happens to be Amazon’s customer service Twitter account, has of late been unveiling replies to the disappointed customers who have constantly been questioning why most of their shipments tend to be taking pretty long periods to arrive.

Fundamentally, the account’s typical response has much to do with the pointing of the various terms of the benefits that pull along with the Prime shipping. Amazon has defended itself by asserting that its guarantees only move to as far as the package arriving to the customer’s door step in a matter of two days.

Most of the customers that rely on the retailer to obtain the goods and services that they need in their everyday lives have been plunged in a state of great confusion. A person familiar with the matter has said that quite a large number of the ordered items are always available at that moment when customers are applying for them. It thus implies that in just two days they should have arrived at their set destination according to Amazon’s regulations.


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Amazon has said that it has resolved to move ahead and add capacity to its supply chain in a bid to serve the various customers with whatever they need in the course of this holiday season.

A spokesperson working with the retailer said, “We are making every effort to put our house in order.”


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