Wednesday’s Top Stories- February 7, 2018

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Disrupting A Billion Dollar Industry

FDA approval could be coming fast! This company is steps away from pilot clinical studies. No wonder why investors are scrambling for more infor, NOW!…Read The Full Report, HERE

Historic Drop Primes Wall Street For More Loss

On Tuesday, the Dow Jones Industrial Average was on track to for a lower open adding to the prior two days of losses. This has raised concerns among investors that the U.S. stock market’s nearly decade-long rally is coming to an end…Read More Now

Bitcoin Has Lost Half Its Value


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On Tuesday, bitcoin briefly slid below $6,000 reaching its lowest level this year in a sell-off that has caused the cryptocurrency to lose over half its value. In recent sessions, the most well-known cryptocurrency has dropped significantly, as concerns regarding a regulatory crackdown and banks banning its purchase on credit cards have upset investors. Just in December, bitcoin reached a peak of nearly $20,000. …Read More Now


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