Emergence of Digitalized Brothels on Google and Facebook


Google and Facebook accused of ‘profiting from pop-up brothels and sex clubs sweeping Britain. Prostitution is now the second largest source of income for gangs.

The National crimes agency in Britain has claimed that the two internet giants are re-introducing modern slavery and trafficking of vulnerable women through their sites many of whom end up in pop-up sex clubs

This has led to hinting of a possible introduction of new laws to make the multi-billion-pound businesses liable when smuggling gangs use their websites to lure their victims to men who pay for sex.

Organized criminals are running so-called ‘pop-up brothels’ to move women rapidly from place to place to make it harder to find them. They rent a property and operate prostitutes for a month then move on before anyone notices

When a pimp gets busted, police say there are plenty of young gang members who take their place. Today’s media culture glamorizes the pimping lifestyle which helps to recruit new gang members

However, with drug sales and gun running, it is the gang members themselves who take the risk of getting caught and punished. Modern slavery has been attributed to be a key component likely to cause life destructions for the vulnerable in the society.


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Internet site providers as the hosts of user-generated materials have now been urged to be at the fore front in trying to create a safe environment for its users through provision of more advanced and secure platforms free such related materials.

Sex workers say the rise in temporary brothels is due to police forcing them from long-term accommodation. Temporary brothels make it harder to track vulnerable women and could be used for trafficking and exploitation

However, in a solidarity move, Facebook has come out in support of the new legislation and has pledged to collaborate with the congress to come out with a stronger legislation to help cut on the internet manipulations.

Google being a strong champion against sexual content with zero tolerance to sexual materials through its platforms has however promised to come out more stronger and determined in the fight against internet sex trafficking


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