Facebook, Inc. Common Stock, (NASDAQ:FB) Under Critism For Pedophiles Survey on Sexual pictures


Facebook, Inc. Common Stock, (NASDAQ:FB) apologizes for survey asking if it’s okay for adults to ask minors for sexual images by asking if it was acceptable for an adult man to ask a 14-year-old girl for sexual pictures on its service.

In the survey, users were asked to indicate what they thought would be appropriate in a normal setting if they were given the priority to set up the Facebook policies. It further continued to provide the users with options they could choose from

The options it provided ranged from (the content shouldn’t be permitted and no one should be permitted to see it) to (this contents should be permitted however I should not mind being able to see it)

The company went ahead to provide follow up questions in which it asked who should be responsible for setting up rules for this types of behavior’s i.e. should it be by the users by way of voting or should it be exclusively done by Facebook.

The follow up questions were framed to establish whom their subscribers would prefer to set the rules. Should that be done by the users through conducting of polls or should that be done exclusively by the Facebook team.

The survey however received sharp critism from its users which led to the vice president of products at Facebook to respond pointing out that it was a mistake. He however wrote that they only run surveys to be able to know what the community thinks about their set policies


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Further, Facebook stated that since time immemorial, it has been championing for zero tolerance on sexual contents on its platform and that they had no intentions of going against their policy which prohibits that.

Other people argued that permitting sexual contact with minors online was just a process of conditioning in which the adults would want to lower their coyness so as to gain much trust to further their sexual abuse.

Social media has over the past been set as a predatory space for sexual exploitation and cyber-bullying for which has received harsh critisms and attracted numerous investigations into the vice.


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