Google In A Tight Race Against Apple in AI startup Acquisitions


Artificial Intelligence rapidly has become a basic part of almost all technological companies’ production strategies.

Big firms are now inclining towards the acquisition of AI startups with Google currently leading the pack with more than 14 purchases which a most recent acquisition involving a conversational commerce platform, Banter.

Banter platform enables businesses be able to link with their clients over the popular messaging applications such as snapchat, twitter and the Facebook messenger.

Through the mergers and acquisitions, there has already been a more than double hike in the number of Artificial Intelligence acquisitions from about 22 in the year 2013 to more than 100 in 2017.

Before the closure of the year 2017, Google acquire Kaggle and Halli Labs however did not declare its acquisition value.

Halli Labs is an AI startup that has placed its focus on creating a deep learning and machine learning platforms to help address old problems. Kaggle is a service that connects data scientists to create near accurate detective models.


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Google since 2012 has been on the search to acquire the top inventive AI startups that has displayed a progressive future with acquisitions in 2013, 2014, 2016 and 2017.

Apple has however become the Google’s competitor in the race up for the Artificial Intelligence Startups. Apple made its initial acquisition in the year 2010 with Sirjin

Apple became one amongst the earliest players in the popularization of AI assistants and the AI space with its merger and acquisitions activities being slowed down for years after the acquisition.

Apple however has been speculated to be struggling with AI having tied the problem the Company’s stringent policies on their customer’s privacy.

Being the most secretive and very selective in its acquisitions, it still gives Google a race for its cash having successfully made up to 13 acquisitions with the most latest being Pop Up Archive.

In the year 2017 however, Apple made few acquisitions in AI startups which include RealFace for about $2 million, Regaind, Sensomotoric and lattice which was acquired for about $200 million.

The rise in demand for AI-driven platforms and the expanding desire for big data has resulted to an expanded need for AI startups in all the sectors.


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