Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) Bans Offensive Language on Xbox, Skype


Security and Privacy experts have sounded an alarm over the alterations to Microsoft’s service agreement. Many are saying that the new agreement has a lot of vague terms and gives the company the right to view users’ content without their consent.

The update, which will become effective on May 1, prohibits users from using the services so as to publicly display or share content that is inappropriate or material that include offensive language and nudity.

Jonathan Corbett, a xivil rights activist took up matters with the company revealing the ambiguity of the term “offensive language,” as the definition may vary from person to person. It’s important to note that trash-talking is very among many Xbox Live players.

Corbett also notes that incase a couple who engage in sex video chats when because they are separated by distance, this could be bannedas well as monitored by the company as the new terms and conditions specify when investigating alleged breach and violations of these Terms, Microsoft has the right to review user’s content in order to resolve the issue.

Corbett says in the current world when one can be offended by virtually anything, Microsoft staff are allowed by the terms to play unrestrained censor if and when they choose. Additionally, Corbett the terms are vague when it comes to the fact that they reserve the right to go through users’ private information. These terms also seem to allow them to tap into and listen to users’ calls on the pretext on investigation something. The new terms don’t seem to require any complaint to be filed against the user—but as long as an employee decides that they want to investigate the user. Microsoft is yet to give a comment on the new findings.

Many analysts have suggested that Microsoft is right on course of beating Apple, Amazon and Google and become the first $1tn company in the world. This is according to Morgan Stanley. Analysts from Morgan Stanley are supporting Microsoft to hit a 13-figure valuation within one year. In a note to it client, Keith Weiss an analyst at Morgan Stanley said the company has capitalized on large distribution channels, ramping public cloud adoption and a strong customer base which is paying off.


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