Why Is Xerox Corp (NYSE:XRX) Making Buzz?


In an attempt to gain transparency, cost efficiency and security in its document management, the U.S. Air Force has turned to Xerox Corp (NYSE:XRX) to enhance all parts of its document environment, including print, fax and scan, as well as offer a management of servers and help desk to offer a comprehensive document infrastructure.

The buzz

Over the imminent year, Xerox will substitute all Air Force devices with its multifunction devices. Over the period of the imminent four years, Xerox will drop the count of government-held devices by up to 2,000 units, successfully saving the government over 20% in costs. Traditionally, each Air Force squadron was accountable for making its own print choices which did not permit for the productivities of centralized management. Xerox will offer a staff of on-site Xerox staff to be based between the Pentagon, Joint Base Anacostia-Boiling and Joint Base Andrews. Support staff will look after the help desk, device maintenance and print infrastructure.

Ted Dezvane, the SVP of Managed Document Services at Xerox, expressed that the women and men of the Air Force shouldn’t have to shift their focus from defending their nation to focus on document management. They can perform that for them. By outsourcing different aspects of its document setup the Air Force will get increase visibility and control of costs and processes, while saving money and enhancing document security.

Xerox Corporation marks as a technology pioneer that innovates the course in which the world communicates, connects and functions. They understand what’s at the core of sharing data and all of the ways it can take. They embrace the integration of digital and paper, the growing requirement for mobility, and the requirement for seamless integration between personal and professional worlds. Every day, the company’s unique intelligent work solutions and print technologies help people communicate and function better.


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