Intel Corporation (NASDAQ:INTC) Is Killing Its Google Glass-Like Project, Vaunt


Just a few months after launching its Vaunt smart glasses, Intel Corporation (NASDAQ:INTC) has announced that it is closing down the division which developed the device. Intel formed the division in 2013 and was tasked with developing smart glasses and fitness trackers. Despite the company investing millions of dollars in these devices, they didn’t perform well in the market.

In building the devices, Intel was motivated Google Glass which inspired the word “glasshole’ due to its invasive appearance. Vaunt, which is internally called “Superlight” was made to look like plain pair of spectacles. The glasses were made in such away that they are able to discreetly project the image in the eyeball.

The Vaunt uses a low-powered laser and directs a low-resolution image into the user’s peripheral vision and finally on to the retina. The glasses were made just like normal eyeglasses and were non-intrusive compared to the Google Glass.

The company had high hopes in the project and had even hoped that the Vaunt would include gesture control as well as being integrated with Alexa. Although they resembled some protective glasses used by people who work with 3D printers, it was easy to modify and improve them so that they look like a bit stylish.

Early this year, the company announced that it would launch a developer-focused program for Vaunt this year though at the same time, it was seeking to sell a majority stake in the division that developed the glasses.

However, none of these plans was successful. In a statement, the company said that not all its programs lead into a product to launch into the market. Some projects are abandoned even before their implementation.


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The mistake made by Intel in launching the glasses could have putting a lot of focus on the consumers. Although Google Glasses did not stay for long on the market, their successors are still on the market and are even used by some businesses. Vaunt would have made a lot of sense especially for businesses. It may even have lived on in other devices. Now that the Vaunt has died, it remains speculative to see if another company will pick up the idea and develop something similar.


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