, Inc. (NASDAQ:AMZN)’s Jeff Bezos- Owned Blue Origin Space Venture To Create Settlement On Moon

amazon job cuts, Inc. (NASDAQ:AMZN)’s Jeff Bezos has announced that his Blue Origin space venture will collaborate with NASA and the European Space Agency to create a settlement on the moon. While addressing the International Space Development Conference, Bezos said he will do whatever it takes to make his ambitions come true irrespective of whether Blue Origin succeeds in striking in public-private partnerships or not.

The billionaire revealed his vision for settling on the only satellite of earth after he received the Gerard K.O’ Neil Memorial Award given by the National Space Society.

Bezos Says Moon Is Convenient For Forming A Colony

Bezos is highly ambitious about spreading his wings beyond earth and even beyond the moon. He wants his space venture company to launch its Blue Moon Lander by the mid of 2020, but it all depends on the support from space agencies and institutions. According to the American billionaire, since the moon is much closer to the earth as compared to other planets and stars and also holds water that can be turned into rocket propellant and air, the moon is convenient for forming a colony.

Blue Origin’s prime objective is to cut down the cost taken to access space, first with its New Shepard suborbital spaceship and later with its orbital-class New Glenn rocket to be launched in 2020. Bezos wants to make it easier for those millions of people who are currently working in the space. The ideas and visions of Bezos have been inspired by the Princeton physicist, O’Neil who decades ago in 1976 suggested that people can live and work in hollowed-out asteroids in his book “The High Frontier: Human Colonies In Space.”

According to Bezos, “We will have to leave this planet.” We’re going to leave it, and it’s going to make this planet better. We’ll come and go, and the people who want to stay will stay.”


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Bezos Says Heavy Industry Can Be Shifted To Moon

The Amazon founder who is also the fifth most powerful person and the richest man in the world is ready to pour more of his wealth to make the final frontier tourism dream a success. According to him, the earth is not a good place to carry heavy industry related works and in the future, it will be more convenient to do things in space that are currently done on earth to save lots of energy. Bezos theory is to shift all heavy industry to the lunar space and power it by solar-fuelled outposts to deal with the crippling rise in population on Earth.


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