Cisco Systems, Inc (NASDAQ:CSCO) Opens Its Network In Readiness For Business


The move by Cisco Systems, Inc (NASDAQ:CSCO) to open its network automation system to the unwashed masses tells quite much about its determination to venture into the application business. It makes the move at a time when business dynamics tend to be shifting pretty fast with most of the businesses making efforts to ensure that they thrive in a markets characterized by stiff competition.

Latest developments

David Goeckeler, the company’s networking and security GM has disclosed that there are plans underway to increase access to over 100 APIs. The demand for the third-party software development kits (SDKs) is expected to move higher in the near future as was shown by the company’s insiders.

Sachin Gupta is the current senior VP of product management and while addressing several news reporters he said that recent decision was a logical one. And to back that up that he said the company was looking forward to expand the devices to be connected to the internet in the near future.

Cisco and its set objectives

The good thing about the DNA center lies in the fact that it simplifies the process of network automation through the “intent based” programming which in an automatic way chooses the policies to apply to any particular device.


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Cisco is willing to do anything that will help it stay current with modern networks and it is easy to tell that looking at the fact that the business is making efforts to shift to software from its traditional hardware.

Quite a significant number of companies around the globe are embracing the cloud for storage purposes because of the various benefits it pulls along with for instance security. Each of them is making efforts to have as many devices as possible on the network and the goal is to simplify business operations.

Cisco is also considering striking meaningful partnerships that will help it make significant steps forward in terms of achieving immense business success in the near future. Some of the application developers it is collaborating with include World Wide Technology, ServiceNow Microfocus and Dimension Data. It has also promised its clients that it will soon be unveiling a new app store that will be taking the markets by storm.


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